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Our Google Reviews

Baidi L.Customer since 2023

Michael B.Customer since 2018

Great that you are a local agent rather than talking to a voice mail. Rates are comparable to big companies.

John L.Customer since 2018

I deal with Blue Grass. They are great and remember you by name. Always willing to help.

Donald L.Customer since 2018

Lindsay is the best

Greg E.Customer since 2018

Michael B.Customer since 2018

When I have a need, I get the help and don't have to wait days and weeks for a response, delaying my business activities.

A client in MolineCustomer since 2018

I have been with Nelson Brothers for over 25 years. And have been treated so great. Honest timely professional I recommend nothing Brothers to anyone's insurance needs. Thank you to Sharon Hoggard and Linda Buchanan who both have been brought on top of things off his ears.

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

Very responsive!

Timothy & Sarah J B.Customer since 2018

Tanya D.Customer since 2018

Very helpful

Scott R.Customer since 2019

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

Actually did just mention you to my mom who was looking for new insurance for home.

Patricia R.Customer since 2018

Great customer service, nice and friendly, And Most importantly the best deals.

Colton L.Customer since 2022

Jeff provides excellent service.

David K.Customer since 2018

Very helpful with any insurance questions. Above and beyond!

Timothy M.Customer since 2007

Always helpful and informative

Matthew E.Customer since 2018

Good relationships and have always been helpful and timely in addressing my needs or questions.

Keith Q & Jennifer L W.Customer since 2018

Brittany is great. She is true to her word and is always there whenever we need help. She has helped us get insurance for two different houses and multiple vehicles. I have confidence she is always getting us the best rate and policy for our needs.

AnonymousCustomer since 2021

Great customer service Always!

Ryan I.Customer since 2022

Michael S.Customer since 2018

Customer service!

Bob W.Customer since 2023

Honestly it's the ladies in front customer service. They are friendly as can be. They have do it to it attitudes, that never leave me feeling they didn't leave a stone unturned when getting things done for me. Plus you guys are easy to get ahold of and I don't feel I'm just getting the minimum.

Shane F.Customer since 2021

Dimitri P.Customer since 2023

Molly B.Customer since 2018

They always got back to us in a timely manner.

John S.Customer since 2019

Mark D.Customer since 2018

I have always received prompt and efficient service for my personal and business insurance needs. I have been with Nelson Brothers for well over 30 years and wouldn't consider going to anyone else. The advice and claims service is exemplary and all of the staff I have interacted with are knowledgeable and kind.

BARBARA B.Customer since 2018

Easy to work with. No issues. Quick response if I need something. Thanks

Marie B.Customer since 2023

Linda is the best!

Rhonda M.Customer since 2018

They have always been very nice and able to get what we needed.

Steven E.Customer since 2018

Rusty W.Customer since 2018

Bonnie L.Customer since 2018

I’ve been with Nelson Brothers Agency for many years. I’ve am satisfied from year to year with my home and auto policies. Any questions I have are answered in a way I can easily understand.

Denise T.Customer since 2018

Because I like it and I recommended

William J.Customer since 2018

Kasia K.Customer since 2019

Very good people to work with. Helped us through storm claims on our home and vehicle. Very helpful people.

Lucas R.Customer since 2018

Excellent service, and always looking for best rate in a tough insurance market

A client in Blue GrassCustomer since 1996

Dana is awesome!!!

Keith D.Customer since 2018

Very Helpful !!

Ian F.Customer since 2018

Damarise R.Customer since 2019

I like how I have been treated and taken care of

Sheldon J.Customer since 2018

I was with Karwath before it had changed to Nelson brothers.. nothing but positive changes have happened over the years!

Nikki A.Customer since 2018

Bruce L.Customer since 2020

They were very helpful with all my questions and getting us insured.

Karen R.Customer since 2023

All about the people

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

Saved me money and you are very responsive

Mike S.Customer since 2023

Gary S.Customer since 2018

Great communication! Fast friendly service. Brandon Wilson is amazing - and so smart!

Roni P.Customer since 2018

Eric C.Customer since 2018

Rosalind D.Customer since 2020

1. Staff is friendly and helpful. 2. Great job finding us a good deal.

Latosha C.Customer since 2018

I think by having Crystal Reese in our office as our agent makes the process so much easier. She does an excellent job and really explains to the customers about the policies. It’s not just giving someone a quote and move on, but she explains what type of coverage that the customer is getting and helps compare other policies making sure that they are comparable. We are so lucky to have her. Great job Crystal!!

Kurt & Sue J.Customer since 2018

Everything has been great

Albania G.Customer since 2018

Ease of doing business with

Thomas C.Customer since 2018


Ellen H.Customer since 2018

Douglas R.Customer since 2018

Robert H.Customer since 2018

The Nelson brothers staff, and my agent have always treated me well and been creative and finding the best possible Insurance for our needs from a variety of companies.

Karl K.Customer since 2018

Always enjoy talking with you Dana!

Robert H.Customer since 2018

Always easy to work with and kind.

John C.Customer since 1998

Richard M.Customer since 2018

Always informed to best coverage with professional and timely offerings. Devoted to quality and expertise. Very appreciative of this personal concern for clients.

Patricia M.Customer since 2018

Working with Nelson Brothers over the years has been an absolute pleasure. Dana is very knowledgeable of the policies and has always been available to assist me when needed. I would recommend Dana and this agency to anyone who has a need for insurance.

Maura C.Customer since 2018

They are always willing to answer all my questions without hesitation, respond to my inquires in a very timely manner, and not seem annoyed by any questions I have. Just a great staff all around.

Kelly K.Customer since 2018

Friendly service

GERALD C.Customer since 1998

DJ M.Customer since 2023

Working with one point of contact that really knows the business.

Patrick S.Customer since 2021

Bradley R.Customer since 2018

Brittney is very helpful and excellent to work with.

Eric T.Customer since 2018

Friendly,Very knowledgeable,explains things so one can understand.

Patrick H.Customer since 2018

The staff has patience and able to assist with any issues/questions I've had. Terrie has been there for me.

Rosa B.Customer since 2018

Jared & Rosemary B.Customer since 2018

Collin is the best!

Eric S.Customer since 2022

Wendy is the cream of the crop when it comes to insurance. She knows all the in and outs and every possible saving credit there is. If there was a mold for developing insurance agents she would have broken it. Top tier, highest quality, I don't think you could pay her enough.

Kody P.Customer since 2020

Extreme professionalism, always available for questions and prompt responses. Always friendly and personable. Ww highly recommend Nelson Brothers.

Thomas L.Customer since 2018

Theresa O.Customer since 2020

Rick B.Customer since 2018

Matthew F.Customer since 2018

I have been with the Nelson’s since I started driving. I am loyal to people I trust. Greg, Geoff and Scott are good people and feel like family.

Todd C.Customer since 2018

They pay for claims quickly. Give good service. Fair rates

AnonymousCustomer since 2018

you made the transaction simple and saved me a little money

Bruce B.Customer since 2023

Kevin K.Customer since 2022

A client in BettendorfCustomer since 2018

Everyone is always very helpful!

Lori H.Customer since 2018

Very helpful and responsive to any questions that we have.

Ken S.Customer since 2018

Sean E.Customer since 2018

Scott H.Customer since 2018

Rick B.Customer since 2018

I think I made my kids by their insurance there, never had a bad experience. And share that with anybody that ask about where do I go for insurance?

Charles S.Customer since 2018

y0u were very helpful to me

Lenard C.Customer since 2020

Helpful and prompt.

James P.Customer since 2018

No matter who answers the phone, they’re welcoming and helpful plus have immediate answers.

Rudy S.Customer since 2018

I would recommend Nelson Brothers because of their friendly, personalized service. Whenever I need help with anything someone gets to me immediately. If I leave a message, there is a response quickly. I have had to make changes in my policy over time, and the process has been handled easily and courteously. Also, there is NEVER a feeling pushed to make any changes to my policies. Thank you, and I would not hesitate to recommend Nelson Brothers to anyone!

Rush G.Customer since 2020

Monica P.Customer since 2022

Clark P.Customer since 2018


A client in MilanCustomer since 2018

always have had good service

Michael L.Customer since 2018

Joni P.Customer since 2022

Susan O.Customer since 2020

Crystal is a pleasure to work with. She is personable and exacting. Best Joel Wyenn

Joel W.Customer since 2018

Tony B.Customer since 2019

Georgette W.Customer since 2018

Linda Buchanan has always been professional, kind, honest and quick to get back to us no matter what we need.

Georgette W.Customer since 2018

Great personal Customer service. Quick responses to questions or issues

Daniel K.Customer since 2019

People are always in the office to answer questions or to amend a policy. Few of the agencies I have used in the last ten years are so well represented.

James E.Customer since 2023

We we're very pleased with the service that you're company has given us in a prompt and efficient way.

Jeff C.Customer since 2018

Lindsey S.Customer since 2021

Jill V.Customer since 2018

I have nothing but pleasant dealings with you and that means everything to me.

Todd T.Customer since 2018

Julia D.Customer since 2021

Matt's Awesome

AnonymousCustomer since 2021

Kyle D & Katie P.Customer since 2018

Kim W.Customer since 2023

Laura D.Customer since 2018

Brandon Wilson is amazing and goes above and beyond for his clients.

Jay G.Customer since 2022

Binh N.Customer since 2022

Have always been helpful with questions I’ve had about my policies. Timely responses.

Colton S.Customer since 2018

Easy to contact, helpful when needed, fair pricing.

Geoffrey K.Customer since 2022

Debra B.Customer since 2018

Over the years I have nothing but great results from my coverage. I get immediate service and attention. Westbend insurance is the best I have ever had and hope I can maintain it for years to come.

Gerald N & Peggy D.Customer since 2018

Good customer service

John & Gail B.Customer since 2018

Rob & Terri C.Customer since 2018

Michael S.Customer since 2018

Brittney has been a tremendous advocate when it became time to redo my parent's policies. She worked very hard to find solutions that were challenging and she always delivered with a positive attitude.

Melissa C.Customer since 2018


Thomas R & Kayla L S.Customer since 2018

A client in Blue GrassCustomer since 2018

Office staff are excellent to work and speak with.whether it's on the phone or in person. Thanks for being so knowledgeable and helpful.

Richard P.Customer since 2019

Gary & Mary M.Customer since 2018

They take care of my stuff without any problem

Richard R.Customer since 2018

Always got prompt help when I needed it.

David R.Customer since 2020

Philip V.Customer since 2022

Been with Nelson Brothers for many years. Have always taken care of my insurance needs

Milo M.Customer since 2018

lindsay is very helpful!

Scott B.Customer since 2019

Rebecca S.Customer since 2019

Friendly and personalized service

Matt R.Customer since 2018

Dan O.Customer since 2022

The personal attention from every agent I have interacted with has always been professional, knowledgeable and attentive.

Karen O.Customer since 2018

Friendly services and very knowledgeable.

Mark M.Customer since 2023

We had a claim and was taken care of promptly.

Jason E.Customer since 2018

Jessica F.Customer since 2022

George & Pam O.Customer since 2018

Great company and great people to work with. Love making one call does it all.

Greg D.Customer since 2018

Jeff is always so quick to respond and help with any questions I have.

Mina M.Customer since 2023

Nelson Bros. Insurance has always worked with me and my business associates in providing excellent response to any issue that arrises as business owner and operator, including changes in our coverage needs and issues with the insurance companies and their underwriters. Thank you for your years of service to us.

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

You have done a fine job every year

A client in BettendorfCustomer since 2018

Excellent service and deal with local reps.

Clifford L. & Franceal H.Customer since 2018

Received an immediate and complete answer to my question.

David & Gail P.Customer since 2018

Local and alway there to help. Goes a step above everytime.

Patricia B.Customer since 2018

Friendly, courteous service. Good on follow up and quickly respond to any questions. Pricing is also reasonable.

Jeffrey D.Customer since 2018

I have had good service - no complaints or issues.

Rita B.Customer since 2019

Michael D.Customer since 2018

knowledgeable, friendly and easy to talk with.

Brett B.Customer since 2023

friendly, honest and helpful in all ways

Mary M.Customer since 2018

Always getting back to me if I have questions or need information!

Morgan M.Customer since 2018

Very customer friendly

Dale E & Marie Z.Customer since 2018

At the time of a devastating house fire, before the fire fighters even had the fire put out, my agent (Linda) reached out to me to see what we needed, and had handled the claim, and we had a local adjuster at the house asking what we needed. My agent is also the one that suggested the carrier and we have had nothing but a good experience with them.

Matthew & Karen B.Customer since 2018

Riley P.Customer since 2018

Timothy S.Customer since 2018

Richard F.Customer since 2023

I have had 2 different agents since becoming insured through Nelson Brothers, and both went to great lengths to find the best possible coverage for my needs at the best cost. This company has been very easy to work with, and is always ready and able to tackle anything I come at them with.

Lucas H.Customer since 2018

Terry T.Customer since 2018

Richard W.Customer since 2018

Very responsive, pleasant to do business with

Robert B.Customer since 2020

Doug T.Customer since 2018

I have used Nelson Brothers since I was a young kid! My family has been using them for decades. They are always helpful and dedicated to finding the best insurance rates for our ever-changing lives!

KRYSTAL W.Customer since 2015

Easy to speak with a local person in the office to answer questions or concerns. Good coverage for the price of the premiums. Quick responses when inquiries are made.

Rachel T.Customer since 2023

Your resources for great insurance rates.

James L.Customer since 2018

They have been responsive and respond ed when necessary. Belinda has been on taking care of any issues.

Tim H.Customer since 2018

Never a problem.

A client in Rock IslandCustomer since 2018

David D.Customer since 2021

They present in a personal fashion

Bruce P.Customer since 2013

Great service and great people!

James M & Pamela G O.Customer since 2018

Easy to work with and good rates

Randall F.Customer since 2018

Been great to deal with in times of need after storm problems ect. Returned calls in timely matter.

Annette C.Customer since 2018

My agent, Crystal, is why I stay with the company.

Jenny P.Customer since 2021

Richard O.Customer since 2018

Danielle W.Customer since 2021

Jose B.Customer since 2018

John G.Customer since 2018

You have always provided help in a timely manner.

George C.Customer since 2018

Casey C.Customer since 2018

Joan H.Customer since 2023

Good service and good advice. We had to get a new roof and gutters due to storm damage last year and the whole process went well.

Steven L & Margaret E W.Customer since 2018

Have always helped me out when needed it. I have already recommended 2 people to Nelson Brothers as it sounds like everyone's insurance is going up

Nicky E.Customer since 2018

Just keep getting me the best rate possible for great coverage.

Jay S.Customer since 2022

No. They are always helpful in finding the right coverage for your situation. And always looking for the best coverage at reasonable cost.

Jerry D & Linda R.Customer since 2018

great service , very competitive

Mark S & Geneva F.Customer since 2018

Nelson Bothers customer service in both personal and commercial insurance is second to none. I highly recommend Barrett Scorpil for all your commercial insurance needs. His dedication to making sure you have the correct coverage for the best price is unmatched.

Mike C.Customer since 2019

Quick response with concise and specific information!!!

Lenard K.Customer since 2021

I have referred 3-6 clients to this agency

Kathy H.Customer since 2018

Best customer service I’ve ever had, knowledgeable advice on selecting insurance policies.

Michael S.Customer since 2018

Tammi W.Customer since 2018

Wendy has been very helpful and found the best fit for me

Christopher R.Customer since 2023

You are the best!

Tammi W.Customer since 2018

Friendly, quick and effective!

MARY S.Customer since 2018

Great help in insurance decisions. responds in a timely manner.

Lenard K.Customer since 2021

Collin and Colleen have been great to work with. Always quick to respond and willing to answer questions on policy coverages, terms definition or claims. Collin has reviewed our polices to insure we are adequately and fully covered; regularly getting competitive quotes from the market place to make sure we are not paying too much in premiums.

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

Great agent & competitive rates

Timothy O.Customer since 2018

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

Jeanne W.Customer since 2022

I really appreciate the professional support and prompt responses I get here !!

Bill C.Customer since 2018

A client in BettendorfCustomer since 2018

Timely response rate, friendly service, knowledgeable staff, and I got a lower rate from all the other places I've tried.

Amanda T.Customer since 2023

Dana has always been very helpful and finding me exactly what I need at a great price!

Kristin C.Customer since 2021

Simply outstanding service.

Hendrix O.Customer since 2022

NANCY P.Customer since 2018

Cassandra M.Customer since 2018

All of my requests have been handled promptly and to my satisfaction. I have not had any problems with my insurance needs since using Nelson Brothers.

Mark M.Customer since 2023

Personal service.

Regina R.Customer since 2018

James D.Customer since 2018

I have worked with Eric Perry for years. He has always been my advocate and helped me find the coverage that I needed for my business. Additionally, the office staff is quick about getting me COI forms.

Eric A.Customer since 2021

They are quick to respond and very knowledgeable about all types of insurance. This allows us to get the most comprehensive coverage for the best rates.

Tammy D.Customer since 2018

Always quick to answer questions. Very professional !!

Kraig K.Customer since 2021

We appreciate the great service .

Jon H.Customer since 2018

Kory S.Customer since 2021

Te process was simple and the payment process is simple!

Tonia M.Customer since 2023

Vanhecke Brothers LLCCustomer since 2018

They have an actual person who answers the phone. My agent is most often available when I call but when I do leave a message she responds within 24 hours.

Cameron T.Customer since 2023

You have always been very responsive to any of my requests, and our claims have been handled quickly and fairly by Travelers.

Todd B.Customer since 2018

Responsive, professional and personal

Anna M.Customer since 2021

David S.Customer since 2018

I’ve been with Nelson brothers insurance for about 8 years & haven’t had a complaint yet! They’re always there to answer any questions I have! I recommend this company to anyone looking for business insurance!

Joshua G.Customer since 2018

James & Catherine W.Customer since 2018

Dana is always responsive to my needs and gets things done quickly and efficiently. She seems to have a strong support team there too.

Lance H.Customer since 2020

Darrin S.Customer since 2018

Wendy Lizama is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Dennis & Lisa E.Customer since 2012

Nelson Brothers has always looked out for me in finding the Best Insurance coverage for my Home and Auto

Theresa K.Customer since 2018

You guys are awesome. Very quick to help!

Catherine & Sean A.Customer since 2018

I was originally with Carothers insurance when they were purchased. When Nelson Brothers bought them it was a smooth transition and I still felt like a person not just an account! Jeff has been amazing to us and always helpful.

Christine G.Customer since 2018

Nicole F.Customer since 2023

Great value and customer service

Danna M.Customer since 2018

I do not live in Iowa now AND I wish Nelson Brothers wrote insurance in Arizona.

Lee S.Customer since 2018

Always helped me!

Mary W.Customer since 2018

Karolyn W.Customer since 2018

Great customer service and products.

Michael D.Customer since 2023

Jeff is amazing. He is always very helpful and let's us know what the best options are when we have a query. Thank you Jeff.

Karen B.Customer since 2018

Matthew U.Customer since 2023

Darren & Pamela G.Customer since 2018

Staff are incredibly helpful and professional!

Christian W.Customer since 2018

All staff members friendly

Puspa P.Customer since 2018

You are a good recommendable company and is quick in handling claims, etc.

Mary A.Customer since 2018

The staff is knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

Donna B.Customer since 2022

They take care of stuff.

Ajay K.Customer since 2020

You take care of my needs when they come up.

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

Very helpful

Shawn S.Customer since 2018

Peggy Y.Customer since 2018

I have been well served by Nelson Brothers over the many years I have been using them.

Brian & Debra C.Customer since 2018

Fantastic service

Lauri W.Customer since 2022

Eric is there to help whenever I need him. He got the insurance I needed for my arcade business. Thank you!

Bradley N.Customer since 2018

Karla R.Customer since 2018

Joseph E.Customer since 2018

Patrick D.Customer since 2022

Judi G.Customer since 2021

Have experienced good service and competitive insurance pricing.

Dennis B.Customer since 2019

Great customer service

A client in GeneseoCustomer since 2018

We have been insured by Nelson Bros agency since we moved to Quad Cities in 1982. Whenever we have had a claim they are right there with answers and service. We would definitely recommend them to anyone in need of Home or Auto insurance.

A client in Rock IslandCustomer since 2018

Finding and maintaining a commercial policy for my Tree Service is/was very difficult. Partnering with Nelson Brothers made finding the right carrier for my needs very easy. I pay fair prices for my coverages and when I need special documentation (COI's etc) they are always there to assist. Very happy with this agency.

Brae W.Customer since 2023

Always available to help.

Zachary & Suzanne L.Customer since 2014

Lindsay takes good care of us.

Mike M.Customer since 2021

The staff at Nelson Brothers is always quick to respond to any questions we may have. Crystal Reese makes sure we have the policy and/or coverage we need for our specific needs at the best cost available. Thanks for always being there. Mark and Karen Payne

Mark & Karen P.Customer since 2002

Edgar B.Customer since 2019

I like having a local agent I can call, and Jeff Kaisler is always very knowledgeable, helpful and patient. He's helped several of my family members with insurance needs.

Jessie G.Customer since 2022

Always helpful. Easy to work with.

James A.Customer since 2018

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

Brenda is always so quick to answer any questions and to help in any way she can. Great service!

JOE V.Customer since 2017

Every time I come in or call with a question I get an answer

Sandra L H.Customer since 2018

Fast Customer service and great prices.

Frank W.Customer since 2018

Scott D & Elizabeth M C.Customer since 2018

Cindy S.Customer since 2018

Because they have help myself and family through some tuff times Dana has gone above to help me she is a straight shooter tells you like is. Again Thank you Dana and the staff at Nelson Bros 👍👏🙏🏻🎁

Phillip & Cathy A.Customer since 2018

Good service, fair pricing.

A client in BettendorfCustomer since 2018

These people are out there for their clients. They are on top of your claims from the first call to them, you are their priority through out the process of completing your project. They stay in contact to make certain you are satisfied.

Jerry S.Customer since 2018

Always there when I have a question and find the best rates to fit my budget, friendly, curtious people to work with.

Gerald W.Customer since 2018

Richard G.Customer since 2018

Eric K.Customer since 2005

They helped me get automotive insurance homeowners insurance and now life insurance they’ve been great

Debbie & Steven H.Customer since 2018

Always ready to help

George E.Customer since 2022

Good reputation and responsive to any insurance needs that may come up

Joseph D.Customer since 2018

works doing all they can do for customer.

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

Rates are fair. Questions are answered clearly. Employees pleasant and helpful.

Robert & Rose W.Customer since 2018

Very professional, always answers questions and are very helpful

Pamela H.Customer since 2018

Quality service friendly people

Corey G.Customer since 2023

Very friendly and efficient. Always there to help ! Absolutely highly recommend 👌

Gene S.Customer since 2018

A client in BettendorfCustomer since 2018

Kendra M.Customer since 2018

Eric S.Customer since 2018

Edward & Theresa W.Customer since 2018

Your office has always been there to take care of my insurance issues!

James & Jonia H.Customer since 2018

Easy to work with. Professional with good coverage at a reasonable price!

Kathryn (katie) A.Customer since 2023

We have been with Nelson Brothers Agency for 30 plus years and appreciate the care of our agent when updating our policies to fit our needs. We also appreciate the staff that assists us when needing to make a claim.

Paul & Kimberly S.Customer since 2018

Attentive customer service and the best coverage for the lowest rates around.

Julianne H.Customer since 2019

You give great service and wonderful prices. Thanks.

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

Jeff found us a competitive rate with a reputable company. He was helpful in reviewing and implementing updates when time came. The insurance company, West Bend was easy to communicate with during our one claim and promptly reimbursed us for costs.

Dogan D.Customer since 2004

I have done business with Nelson’s for many years and have found them to be a fair company. I like having a local company to represent me.

Judith B.Customer since 2018

Robert M.Customer since 2023

Great Insurance Co. to work with!

Bruce C.Customer since 2018

already have referred new customers

David N.Customer since 2018

The help i received selecting a policy that fit me & budget friendly was stress free. In addition, every time I've had a request or question it was handled quickly.

James N.Customer since 2022

Bruce C.Customer since 2018

All is good

Gary B.Customer since 2021

Eric has always taken care of problems when they arise which has been a long time back excellent agent

A client in Rock IslandCustomer since 2018

Eric and Teri are always responsive and they actively try to help me save by reaching out to different carriers to get the best coverage at the lowest price. Much appreciated!

Susan H.Customer since 2018

Love Wendy!

Silvia M.Customer since 2021

RONALD B.Customer since 2018

Very satisfied with services provided, and Monica's attention and availability.

Jim F.Customer since 2021

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

Everything about NBA is Awsome

Austin & Mia H.Customer since 2018

Your agents in Blue Grass Ia have always been very helpful. .

Gary W.Customer since 2018

Customer service

Peter D.Customer since 2018

Jeff is always helpful and responsive

Richard N.Customer since 2018

Brenda is awesome and very helpful

A client in SilvisCustomer since 2018

Dana was so helpful when my insurance carrier dropped me due to unforseen accidents. She found me coverage at a better cost than I could have hoped for.

Amy M.Customer since 2018

Very helpful, like the small agency, know everyone there..

Wilbur J.Customer since 2018

Friendly helpful staff!

Melissa W.Customer since 2018

I get detailed answers quickly about all my concerns.

Jen H.Customer since 2018

I have always had a good relationship with my agent. any time I have needed a policy I get what I need fast and reasonably priced.

Joseph & Marissa D.Customer since 2018

Responsiveness and follow-up communication from agent Barrett S.

Dennis D.Customer since 2020

Vera E.Customer since 2018

Jamie S.Customer since 2018

Marjorie T.

Excellent service by Brittany Fisher.

Kay H.Customer since 2018

Lindsay Morgan is the most attentive Agent I have ever had. She consistently checks in and provides the most cost effective plans for my specific needs. My claims have been handled quickly without any issues. Highly recommend!

Dawn D.Customer since 2018

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

Marc G.Customer since 2023

Crystal has been great in everything I've had to deal with. I always recommend her and Nelson Brothers!

Benjamin W.Customer since 2019

Chris W.Customer since 2023

Good an quick service

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

Because I know the family very well and I'm very familiar with The great service They give. I Am a longtime client In would recommend them to everyone.

M H.Customer since 2018

Brenda is always very helpful

Jaiden F.Customer since 2022

Lynette S.Customer since 2018

Mark M.Customer since 2023

Great customer service reasonable rates

Lloyd K.Customer since 2018

Very good service. Been with them since I was 16 years old

Paul N.Customer since 2018

Timliness of Lori's responses

Steve C.Customer since 2018

We receive assistance in getting the best insurance value.

Dennis J & Beverly B.Customer since 2018

Prompt service, excellent knowledge

Julia M.Customer since 2018

I appreciate Brandon's patience to talk through every detail.

Cheryl F.Customer since 2018

Everyone is helpful and nice. I have always paid a good rate for my car and home insurance. I've been with them for 20 years.

Debra W.Customer since 2018

Dennis E.Customer since 2018

Alan S.Customer since 2018

I came to see Jeff Kaisler on the recommendation of my daughter, after my bundled home and auto insurance with another company went up the better part of $1000.00. He found me more coverage than I had with a quite a bit less premium than I would have had. I would definitely recommend Nelson Brothers.

Rhonda K.Customer since 2023

Jeff Kaisler is one of the best agents in the business. Best decision I could have ever made is get my home and auto insurance through Nelson Brothers Agency with his help.

Reggie Z.Customer since 2022

I’ve worked with matt for years and never had a single complaint. He definitely goes to bat for his clients. Top notch.

Jeff G.Customer since 2019

Never have had a problem.

Larry Z.Customer since 2021

Alana L.Customer since 2022

Nelson Brothers provides complete and comprehensive service for our insurance needs. Always helpful, precise, and prompt.

David C.Customer since 2022

Continue to receive good service

Kenny & Sue (Connie) O.Customer since 2018

We always get a prompt response and great service from our agent, Jeff Kaisler. We appreciate his expertise and being able to get guidance when we need it. We are confident we are getting the best rates and best insurance possible for our needs.

Patricia W.Customer since 2018

Always friendly and very helpful.

A client in MilanCustomer since 2018

Very responsive to all our crazy needs!

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2019

Earl W.Customer since 2020

Excellent service

Dorothy C.Customer since 2018

Always responsive and willing to find best options for the client.

Paul J & Elizabeth M.Customer since 2018

Tim L.Customer since 2020

Christian C.Customer since 2020

Heather K.Customer since 2018

Great insurance company takes great care of there customers. Treats there customers with respect and care would recommend Nelson Brothers

Cheryl H.Customer since 2018

Great service

Jerald R.Customer since 2018

I love the personal assistance I receive and quick response to any questions or concerns I have. Lindsey Morgan, Insurance Agent and Liz Carson, Customer Service Agent are wonderful to work with.

Larry O.Customer since 2018

Crystal is awesome.

John & Sharon T.Customer since 2018

He was a huge help

Aryal C.Customer since 2023

We love working with Barrett.

Paul K.Customer since 2019

I had a hail claim on my car and the claim went well

Joseph P.Customer since 2018

Very pleased with the coverage, and handling our claims.Had them for years.

William B.Customer since 2018

Be with Nelson Brother insurance, I believe over 10yrs & they’ve been nothing but good to me, one of the best insurance agencies around 10/10

Damien L & Machelle P.Customer since 2018

Janice N.Customer since 2018

When I call with a question, even if my agent isn't available, someone there gives me the answer.

Janice N.Customer since 2018

Excellent customer service with expertise that personalizes your individual needs

Theodore W.Customer since 2018

Chris & Terrie B.Customer since 2018

Kathleen R.Customer since 2018

Quality customer service is your priority! I feel I’ve received quality customer care. I also feel I’ve received the best rates and coverage possible. I have commercial auto and liability plus work comp and life insurance policies all through Nelson Brothers!

A client in PrincetonCustomer since 2017

Josephine O.Customer since 2018

Our Agent Matt Fensterbusch is the most Knowledgeable, persuasive, reliable, diligent, proactive, accomplished, professional, trustworthy, charismatic, insightful, resourceful, efficient, attentive, experienced, dynamic, strategic, adaptable, detail-oriented, punctual, assertive, articulate, goal-oriented, confident, thorough, collaborative, resilient, communicative, innovative, solution-focused, tenacious, creative, empathetic, self-motivated, positive-minded, patient, visionary, inspiring, customer-centric, versatile, decisive, influential, result-driven, ambitious, energetic, resilient, meticulous, solution-oriented, diplomatic, adaptive, inspirational, enthusiastic...agent I have ever worked with. Matt Fischer

MATT F.Customer since 2018

Took care of what was needed, hassle free, amd communication was top notch.

Kristoffer S.Customer since 2021

Very friendly and helpful !

Carolyn L.Customer since 2020

Tyler W.Customer since 2022

David R.Customer since 2023

Brian & Debra C.Customer since 2018

Brad D.Customer since 2018

You and your staff have always been very helpful and very friendly

A client in Rock FallsCustomer since 2018

Fast response on an accident.

Barba D.Customer since 2018

Tammie H.Customer since 2015

I have been with Nelson Brothers for probably around 23 years and they have always been very helpful and understanding with anything that I have asked. Every time I have called there I have been helped with respect and professionalism. Brenda has helped me understand the insurance world to the best of my ability since my husband’s passing, he handled all the insurance, and I trusted Nelson brothers 100% to continue to provide insurance for me! Thank you for all you do Nelson Brothers you’re all wonderful

Tammie H.Customer since 2015

Great service as well as consistently available when a situation arises.

A client in PrincetonCustomer since 2018

I always get a response right away from my agent

Nancy D.Customer since 2018

Shane H.Customer since 2018

I am satisfied.

John & Dorothy (Dottie) W.Customer since 2018

Gary K.Customer since 2018

Quick response whenever we have a question. they did an excellent job finding a specialized policy for our EBikes. All auto claims have been quickly and efficiently

KEVIN H.Customer since 2018

Prior to moving to the local Quad City area from Colorado in 2015, my husband and I were life members both stateside and overseas with USAA as military veterans. In purchasing our home in 2015, USAA rates climbed higher and our relator recommended Nelson Brothers to get a second quote and Nelson Brothers beat USAA home owner insurance rates by 40% initially and later help cut our annual rates a third of the cost. Then last year we finally decided to reach out to Nelson Brothers for auto insurance rates as USAA continued to raise their rates and Nelson Brothers again beat USAA auto rates for veterans by 50%. Most importantly, all of our personnel dealings with Nelson Brothers have all been professional and would highly recommend to anyone.

Kenneth G.Customer since 2018

Great customer service !

Shawn C.Customer since 2020

Collin went above and beyond to help me with a property before he was even my insurance agent! His diligence and attention to detail is fantastic! Highly recommend for any insurance needs!

Briana K.Customer since 2022

Our agent Brenda is responsive and helpful every time we have a question or a request for special project-based business coverage. Thank you Nelson Brothers.

Molly N.Customer since 2018

You and the Nelson team have been very helpful in all my insurance needs.

A client in MuscatineCustomer since 2018

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2020

I have been with Nelson Brothers for close to 20 yrs?? Know some personally and they have always treated me as such. Dana was originally my first rep and it’s been a pleasant relationship since. I wouldn’t think of going elsewhere.

Elmer M.Customer since 2018

Great people and they work with great insurance companies.

Christopher J.Customer since 2018

Brenda is the best PL/CL agent in the world!

Barrett S.Customer since 2018

Easy to work with, walk me through each step to get me the best rates with the best coverage I needed.

Santiago M.Customer since 2023

Thomas F.Customer since 2023


A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

Fast service, good rates and have never had a problem

Timothy L.Customer since 2023

Personable service in a timely manner and great rates.

Michael E.Customer since 2018

Jose & Jessica L H.Customer since 2015

Misty G.Customer since 2018

Les C.Customer since 2018

Rick L & Rhonda G.Customer since 2009

Bruce M.Customer since 2019

Easy to work with

A client in MuscatineCustomer since 2018

Charles C.Customer since 2019

Kayla D.Customer since 2019

Jeff Kaisler and the whole Nelson Bros. team seem to care about us….and the fact that we are their customer. They efficiently and calmly take care of problems/ claims that arise. They compare several insurance companies for quotes to see who can give us the most highly rated insurer with the most comprehensive coverage for the best price for our needs.

Margaret I.Customer since 2018

You& Nelson Bros.have been helpful in assisting in emergency situations, and also finding the best insurance company for our needs when asked to look at other possibilities. You seem to care… and that is what we really appreciate.

Margaret I.Customer since 2018

Kevin W.Customer since 2021

We had previously had Geoff Nelson till he retired. Brett Nelson is my current insurance agent. He is hands on and truly cares about his clients. We have had Nelson Brothers for the last 22-23 years. When they say you get what you pay for is the truth. Dram Shop insurance is a priority. Anyone that has ever had a claim filed against there business should look at there coverage. So to say that I truly love all of our agents and our working relationship. Thank you, Connie

A client in East MolineCustomer since 2018

I received above and beyond help for my medicare healthcare issues. I can always get an immediate answer regarding my auto and home. Customer service is great.

Paula C.Customer since 2018

I have been a customer for over 9 years. My agent is Jeff Kaisler. He has always been wonderful to work with. Every time I have had a question, he is very thorough to get me an answer and explains everything in great detail. Thank you and I will always recommend Jeff and all the staff at Nelson Brothers.

Jeffrey A & Georgia H.Customer since 2018

My experience with Erika was great. Not only did she explain and guide me but also gave me very reasonable advice. I enjoyed the time and felt reassured that the choice made was the right one. -C. Mathias

Courtney M.Customer since 2023

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2019

Our agent, Michael Matherly always has our best interests in mind. He is proactive, personable, prompt, and relatable. He's not pushy at all and has a really thorough understanding of our business and unique insurance needs.

Laura M.Customer since 2020

Craig B.Customer since 2018

Great rates and excellent employees. Always prompt replies to my needs and friendly!!

Beth L.Customer since 2018

When I was in an accident in July, Lisa McFarland helped me work with another insurance company that was quite difficult. In the end, I got what I was owed largely thanks to her help communicating and following up with me and the other company.

Jeff A.Customer since 2018

Wade L.Customer since 2018

They are all great there and very helpful!

Shawn N.Customer since 2006

Very good service

A client in MolineCustomer since 2022

Personal service, quick response, and are proactive in finding the right policies at the right price.

Rich H.Customer since 2018

Wayne Stickel & R.Customer since 2018

they set up my auto insurance in detail, going over all the options to maximize coverage at lowest price, then set up an auto payment plan that pays my bill every month without any help from me. Good service for quality product.

Jeffrey W.Customer since 2018

Barrett and Colleen are wonderful to work with. They respond in a timely manor and are always available for questions.

Chelsea Z.Customer since 2023

Diane N.Customer since 2018

Jeff has done a great job getting us the best rates for all of our insurance needs

Susan & Robert H.Customer since 2006

Always very helpful and informative!

A client in BettendorfCustomer since 2018

Personal service

Thomas & Judy F.Customer since 2018

You are always there for us when you need to be and with all the answers that we need!

Melvin & Roberta J.Customer since 2019

Have already recommended another couple I believe they signed up for Medicare supplements

Jeffrey P.Customer since 2018

Great service and attentiveness towards needs and wants of customer.

Nick P.Customer since 2023

always available.

Carol G.Customer since 2018

Always there when needed.

Carol G.Customer since 2018


Dennis S.Customer since 2023

allways have good service with them

Fred Y.Customer since 2018

You found us a great home/auto insurance plan that is very affordable.

Frank M.Customer since 2021

You always respond to our questions. Thank u !

LORI B.Customer since 2018

Great place to have insurance with

Tim L.Customer since 2018

Erickah J.Customer since 2018

Robert L.Customer since 2018

William D.Customer since 2018

Dana has always been very helpful to answer all my questions.

Paul & Sandra R.Customer since 2018

Kris N.Customer since 2018

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

I've been with Nelson Brother agency for years, they're always helpful and getting you the best price for insurance

Monique W.Customer since 2018

Jennifer R.Customer since 2021

Curtiss B.Customer since 2018

GAIL S.Customer since 2023

Whenever we have a question or a problem, all we need to do is call

Todd & Carla O.Customer since 2018

The professionalism is unmatched. Barrett Scorpil who is our agent possesses all the tools that make him the most knowledgeable agent we could find. His hard work , passion , dedication, and always putting our needs first and foremost. We have never had a question he couldn’t answer. Everyone at the Nelson Brothers Insurance office treats us a family and we know they will always have our backs when we need it the most!

Kevin F.Customer since 2020

I have been with Nelson Brothers Agency since I got my drivers license in 1967. They have always treated me right and have responded to my needs. Please change my score to a 10. Paul Connolly

Paul C.Customer since 2018

I have been with Nelson brothers since I started driving. For over t-years. And still using for my home.

Karen S.Customer since 2018

Because Crystal is amazing and provides great service

A client in BettendorfCustomer since 2018

Crystal does a great job of keeping things simple for me and always responding quickly to questions.

Blake S.Customer since 2018

Rob W.Customer since 2022

Javon W.Customer since 2023

I have been with them for over 10 years and they have always treated me like I am very important to them, no matter how big or small my needs have been! They are always courteous and I couldn’t trust any other company like I do them! Looking forward to at least another 10!

Lynn K.Customer since 2018

Excellent customer service

AnonymousCustomer since 2019

Great service! Always quick to respond and answer questions!

Jacob C.Customer since 2022

Jesse D.Customer since 2022

Prompt response from my agent

Mary C.Customer since 2018

Everyone at Nelson Brothers is friendly and professional. I always feel my insurance needs are taken care of, which gives me peace of mind.

Amy S.Customer since 2018

Great support and quick response!

Jessica J.Customer since 2019

They gave us great customer service and helped us get good coverage

Charles G.Customer since 2023

They are a great company that goes above and beyond to help

Brandon F.Customer since 2022

Long time customer and always happy with rates and service.

Kenneth & Karin P.Customer since 2018

I have been with Nelson Brother's for years. Insuring my business & personal property. They are always there & helpful with any problem or questions I have. The best insurance company I have ever had. I recommend them to anyone.

Susan A.Customer since 2018

Jeff is the best agent. Takes time and care to ensure I have the best coverage at the fairest price.

Susan S.Customer since 2018

Brandon Wilson was very helpful with everything. His help was greatly appreciatedd.

Nancy B.Customer since 2020

Very friendly. Always there when we need them to file a claim unexpectedly. Wendy Lizama has been our agent I believe since we’ve owned our home in 1985. Couldn’t ask for a better agent love that woman.

Harley D & Jill R.Customer since 2018

Competent and friendly

Jeffrey W.Customer since 2018

Great customer service. Helps you shop around for best coverage

ANGIE A.Customer since 2018

Punctual and prompt service.

A client in EldridgeCustomer since 2018

Always helpful when needed. Not pushy. Very pleasant customer service.

Judy R.Customer since 2018

Staff follow up promptly, and accurately to all of our request for changes, especially ones relating to new vehicles and new residences. Our insurance is cost effective for all we are covered. Thank you for being our insurance company.

Francis & MaryAnn F.Customer since 2018

Friendly staff who are knowledgeable and quick to respond.

Ronald R.Customer since 2018

Every interaction I have had with Nelson Brothers agents since moving into the area and switching coverage has been pleasant and positive. I appreciate their professionalism and assistance.

Kim B.Customer since 2022

They are always quick to respond to any issues we might have!

A client in DavenportCustomer since 2018

NBA has always been VERY responsive, communicative, knowledgeable, and helpful, which is so important yet seems to be a rare commodity in customer service these days!

Melissa G.Customer since 2018

I have had nothing but a good experience thus far with my agent going on 4 years with Nelson brothers. Always informed about changes in policy via email. Have and will continue to recommend my agent Ericka Rhodes with Nelson brothers throughout my service.

Michael M.Customer since 2019

Jeff is a excellent agent Any time I have questions they are very responsive. They find ways to help keep premium cost down and still provide the coverage you need.

Philip B.Customer since 1996

The agents are very knowledgeable, and keep your best interest in mind. They give very good advice on coverages and keep your budget in mind while doing so. Very easy to work with. Typically better prices than other companies I have worked with.

Ronald S.Customer since 2019

Always there to help me with anything!!!

Robert H.Customer since 2018

Very helpful finding the right coverage that meet and fits our needs

Jennifer F.Customer since 2018

The one time I needed y'all I called my agent to explain the situation and she had everything taken care of for me within 10 minutes.

Tommy S.Customer since 2021

Communication is key and Eric always made sure to help us through every step of our policy to find what best works for us. When I needed to add the home security discount his secretary was reliable in helping make sure everything was added correctly.

Delilah K.Customer since 2023

Because if I call this office everyone is so kind and helpful. Brandon has been extremely helpful.

Mark E.Customer since 2021

Nelson Brothers agents always go above and beyond when helping me with questions.They are patient, polite and professional.

Layla H.Customer since 2021

Everyone is so accommodating and helpful best in QC

Kendrick B.Customer since 2023

Great service

Robert H.Customer since 2018

The service and help is great

Robert G.Customer since 2019

They have the best customer service all you have to do is tell nelson brothers you need insurance and they take all the hassle out of finding the best deal

Kody P.Customer since 2020

Great service

Allen Kiddoo & Robert B.Customer since 2018

Friendly and professional

Michelle K.Customer since 2022

You answer the phone when I call. It’s physically enjoyable to actually speak and converse with a real live person who actually cares about the customer.

Michael B.Customer since 2018

Great service

Dennis K.Customer since 2018

Team was very helpful, and I felt well taken care of!

AnonymousCustomer since 2023

Well informed personnel; professional and trustworthy.

Jane C.Customer since 2019

Barrett is amazing

Michael L.Customer since 2021

I have always had a GREAT relationship with Nelson Brothers. They have always quickly stepped in to help our family when we have had a need!

Rush G.Customer since 2020

Always taken good care of me. Been the advocate for me when needed. And earned my trust

David W.Customer since 2018

Brandon has been very helpful and has answered our questions in Medicare no matter how trivial. He is patient and makes sure we understand what he has explained to us. He is genuine and wants to make sure we are good with our choices.

Cecilia T.Customer since 2022

Very happy with the personal service and quick turnaround on insurance quotes to save money on auto and home.

Daryl E.Customer since 2023

When I call for any reason everyone is very helpful and my questions are always answered. The staff is always pleasant which I really appreciate.

A client in MolineCustomer since 2018

Quality personal service

Rita L.Customer since 2019

We have never made a claim on our home until this past Spring when a tornado hit. It was then we saw what a great group this agency and Secura Insurance is. They responded quickly and have been very helpful and encouraging since it began.

Kevin M.Customer since 2018

Friendly staff and the few claims that we’ve had were handled quickly and professionally

WILLIAM F.Customer since 2018

Because of Crystal Reese. She's awesome to work with and very helpful in processing claims and shopping for the best policy to suit my needs.

Matt & Tracy S.Customer since 2018

Very quick response to all of my questions. Excellent service. I am very happy with how Jeff provided me with the information to help me make an informed decision for my insurance needs. I’m very satisfied.

John M.Customer since 2020

We have always been treated and taken care of efficiently and effectively. We have absolutely no complaints. Lisa and Patrick have been our agents since the early 80's. We look forward to continued future contacts now with Mr. Matherly

Lawrence R & Mary E.Customer since 2018

Lindsay always does an excellent job.

Greg E.Customer since 2018

You're easy to work with.

Todd T.Customer since 2018

Always helpful and knowledgeable. Nice to work with

Brian B.Customer since 2020

Dana goes above and beyond to help with anything you might need or have a question about.

Lauren C.Customer since 2018

Steven B & Kathrine A W.Customer since 2018

Excellent service! Highly recommended!

Andres C.Customer since 2023

Any time I contacted the agency I received an answer to my question or the help I needed. The people answering the phone were pleasant and helpful. If I needed to speak with Dana I was able to do so in a timely manner. Most importantly, when I had a claim it was handled promptly with no issues.

Roseanne B.Customer since 2018

Nelson Brothers Agency has had our company’s best interest in mind for over 10 years. They always find the best rates and keep us up to date with policy changes. In the few times we needed to make claims they were great about walking us through the steps and connecting us to the right people.

A client in BettendorfCustomer since 2019

I've worked with Jeff Keisler for years and referred him many friends. He is always quick and efficent. Due to the several companies Nelson Brothers works with, Jeff is able to finds the best price for the needs of our family. Jeff is the first insurance agent that has actually gone over a policy to make sure I understood my coverage.

Heidi L.Customer since 2018

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