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Nelson Brothers Agency Blog: accident prevention

View the latest blog posts from Nelson Brothers Agency.

There are a variety of hazards in tree care that can cause serious or fatal injuries. Some of the most common causes are electrocution, fails and falling objects. Many of the injuries and fatalities are preventable, however. Employers are responsible for the safety of all tree-care employees. READ MORE >>

At work, much of your day is spent lifting, carrying and transporting heavy objects. While in many cases a machine does the grunt work, it only take one careless mistake to sustain a serious, long-term injury due to improper lifting techniques. The following safety tips will give you helpful ergonomic guidelines for lifting any size load. READ MORE >>

Winter weather can create various hazards that include slippery surfaces and roads, strong winds and frigid temperatures. These conditions can promote an increase in workplace accidents that include hypothermia, frostbite and falls. However, many of those injuries can be prevented with the right preparation and presence of mind. READ MORE >>

* Do no get our of your vehicle if you are driving during a hailstorm. * If you can pull over to the side of the road, do so safely. * Park your car on an angle so that the hail hits the front of your car, since your windshield is made of reinforced glass, whereas the side or rear windows are not. READ MORE >>

Some of the most fatal childhood diseases, such as measles, mumps, whooping cough, smallpox, and diphtheria, have been wiped out because of vaccines.  Though choosing to vaccinate your child may be controversial issue for one reason or another, prevention is always more desirable than treatment. READ MORE >>

In some form or another, distracted driving has always been a safety increase in cellphone use over the past decade has put an increased focus on the hazard of distracted drivers. It is universally recognized that hand-held mobile device use, especially texting, while driving greatly increases the risk of an accident. READ MORE >>

Its the holiday season! The time for decorations and festivities to celebrate the season. While we welcome you displays of holiday spirit,  it is important to keep safety in mind. Here are some holiday safety guidelines to follow to ensure we all celebrate the season safely.  READ MORE >>

We all know that safety is important, but do you realize just how costly a workplace injury can be? When all is said and done, injuries can cost business owners hundreds of thousands of dollars. The extra expense to pay injuries has a powerfully negative effect to a company's bottom line. READ MORE >>

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